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Know where the timber comes from

Environment Friendly Wood Furniture

When looking to invest in real wood furniture more and more people are giving more thought to considering the effect that their choices of timber have on the environment.

Factors to Consider.

Good quality solid wood furniture can bring its owners a lifetime of pleasure and then even go on to become a heritage item which is treasured by successive generations. A little study will soon equip a buyer with the ability to tell the difference between real solid wood furniture and furniture made from manufactured boards.

There is a growing awareness that using materials sourced from the natural environment can have effects which were never previously considered.

Reputable sellers of solid wood furniture will be more than happy to inform prospective buyers with information about the sources and processes involved in producing their furniture.

Some of the things a concerned buyer may like to know are

  • What is the name of the variety of the timber used
  • Where is the timber grown.
  • What forestry practices are followed
  • Are there government controls and standards
  • Is the timber plantation grown or is it from old growth forest.

Any reputable furniture seller will be happy to provide the answers to these and other questions which arise.

You should feel comfortable that the timber in the furniture you are considering buying has been harvested in a way which considers the effect of forestry operations on the people, animals and plants in the local environment.

A search on Google will provide a wealth of information about particular wood varieties and where they are grown.

It is sad but true that on some places illegal timber taking even causes endangered animals to be threatened. Have a look at the wood used. The Meeting of Trade in Endangered Species or CITES has a website www.cites.org  You can get more information there.

Buying Wood Furniture from reputable sellers who happily provide information about the sources of the furniture ensures that you do not contribute to practices which threaten fragile natural environments.


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