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Wood Furniture Buying Hints

Wood Furniture Guide

Wood Furniture Guide

Wood Furniture Buying Hints

Wood Furniture is a natural choice in any home.
Wood has been used to make furniture from the earliest times.
This is because it was a material that was readily available and could be worked with simple tools and skills.
As civilization developed better tools became available and craftsmen became more skilful
New materials such as metals and later, plastics became available and nowadays may be combined with wood in furniture for a number of reasons.
The visual and tactile qualities of wood make it a popular choice for both wood furniture makers and buyers whether they prefer traditional or contemporary design for their furniture.

Wood Furniture Buying Tips

Buying wood furniture can be challenging.
There are many factors to take into consideration.
Many wood furniture buyers are becoming aware of the possible effects their choice of timber varieties may have on the environment and on wildlife that depends on it for their habitat.
This means they seek out information about the source of the materials used in the wood furniture they buy.
Many reputable manufacturers and retailers provide information about the sources of the timbers used in their furniture.

Tips to Buying  # 1 – Know what your needs are
Whether you are looking for wood furniture for the kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, patio or garden you will have developed a set of preferences as to size, colors and styles and whether you want a new item or prefer to look at pre owned items.

 #2 If new is your choice then you will seek out whoever makes or supplies the type of furniture you like.
There are many individual craftspersons and small furniture works who can produce exquisite pieces which may be unique to you.

 #3 Look at many different pieces before you decide on one.
Talk to the maker or sales person and ask them to tell you about the materials and the manufacturing methods that were used. You will soon realize which factors are important to you and which will influence your decision about which to buy.

 #4 Finding the right used item can be a great adventure whether it is a modern item or an antique.- See our post ‘Heirloom and Antique furniture’ for more information.

Quality wood furniture can bring many years of pleasure which start with the search for the perfect piece .

Natural Wood Furniture Maintenance

Wood Furniture Care

care of wood furniture

Natural Wood Furniture Maintenance

The maintenance of natural wood furniture is important to keep the furniture looking at its best.

Many people seek natural products to use in the care of their wood furniture.

Whether it is indoor, patio or outdoor furniture natural oils and waxes can preserve and beautify wood furniture items.

Preserving your woodwork’s natural good looks can be a simple task.

There are many products available for cleaning and beautifying wood furniture but some of these can contain ingredients which smell unpleasant and may give off fumes which can affect the breathing of the occupants of the rooms.

Natural ingredients such as olive oil or boiled linseed oil blended and natural beeswax can with a little elbow grease produce beautiful and protective results.

Many furniture owners now prefer to look after their wood furniture by using these safe, pleasant , organic and easily obtainable products.

Indoor Furniture – Step by Step Wood Furniture Care

  • Dust thoroughly using a soft bristled brush to reach into all corners and crevices.
  • If needed wipe over with a soft cloth wrung out in warm soapy water. Use a paintbrush to get in to crevices.
  • Many good polishes are available from your hardware store but a  mixture of one part olive oil and one part white vinegar mixed well makes a good natural polish which has no strong solvent smell and is much cheaper.
  • use a soft, lint-free material such as an old cotton t-shirt or towel
  • Dampen the cloth with the mixture and apply generously to make sure all surfaces are nourished.
  • Use a fresh cloth to buff off excess polish and this will bring up an attractive subtle  shine on your wood furniture.

Outdoor Furniture -Step by Step Wood Furniture Care-


  • As outdoor wood furniture is more exposed to the effects of sun, wind and rain it needs more protection
    • If the surfaces are weathered and rough they may need a light rub with 120 grit abrasive paper. This is also good for removing any marks or scratches.
    • Dust thoroughly using a soft bristled brush to reach into all corners and crevices.
    • Many good finishes are available from your hardware store but a mixture of 400 ml of linseed oil and 600 ml of mineral turpentine mixed well makes a good natural wood finish which has no strong solvent smell and is much cheaper. This mixture should be used with good ventilation.
    • Use a soft, lint-free material such as an old cotton t-shirt or towel
    • Dampen the cloth with the mixture and apply generously and rub in to make sure all surfaces are nourished.
    • Use a fresh cloth to buff off excess
    • Repeat the application if necessary on more weathered wood.

Effects of Temperature and Humidity on Wood furniture

All woods naturally absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

Depending on how humid the air is wood expands and contracts with the seasons. This is most noticeable in Tropical climates. In the wet season furniture drawers and doors may not fit as well as in the dry seasons.

In more temperate climates there is less humidity so there is less movement in the timber.

Good quality wood furniture is built to make allowance for changes in climate and is less affected but it is important to keep the exterior surfaces nourished with a natural finish like the olive oil/white vinegar mixture or a commercial furniture polish.


Effects of Sunshine on Wood furniture

While you may not realize it, sunshine, or more correctly ultra violet light, can cause wood furniture to deteriorate.

Outdoor sunshine with its ultra violet radiation is far and away the most destructive. But even light coming through a window has the energy and heat warm to break down furniture finishes and damage the wood.

When possible, it is best to keep Wood Furniture out of immediate sunlight and use curtains or shutters to  control the quantity of sunlight that goes into the room.

Good Looks and Long Life

Investing a little time and work in looking after your wood furniture will pay off by making your furniture to keep its good looks for longer.

Old and Antique furniture needs careful looking after as its age may result in damage or loose joints..

To maintain the value of old and collectable pieces it is a good idea to get specific advice from an expert in the field of wood furniture restoration.

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