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Wood Furniture Gallery – Finishes

 Wood Furniture Gallery – Finishes

Many different Finishes have been used to decorate and protect Wood Furniture through the ages. Many traditionally genuine FinishesWood Furniture Gallery - Finishes were high maintenance, work intense, and not very resilient, so the trend has been to more resistant and sustained completes suitable for existence.

Simple wax Finishes have been used for many decades, especially on traditional  country maple Wood Furniture because of its soft and satiny look. Wax is quickly renewed or brightened with a new application, damaged  or worn spots are super simple to blend in again. A drawback is that wax Finishes can mark quickly from water, liquor and make up.

Oil Finishes have also been used for 100′s of years. These penetrating oils are easy for beginners to use because they are simply applied onto the Wood, allowed to drain in, and polished dry. This process is repeated until the desired gloss is designed.

A drawback is that the Oil Finishes may progressively dry out, demanding recurring applications, to keep up an even gloss. While not particularly resilient, if it is damaged it is simple to add more oil and it combines in nicely. Read the rest of this entry »

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