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wood is a natural choice for floors and furniture

Timbers in Quality Wood Furniture

Wood is a fundamental, natural material which has been used to build furniture since the earliest times. We instinctively love the look and feel of wood furniture.

This chapter sets out to provide you with knowledge about some of the  different ways woods are used to formulate beautiful and functional furniture.  .

Wood is used in many different ways to produce furniture.. modern furniture may use both solid timbers and composite materials . both have their place in the production of quality furniture. Here we will explore a number of the different furniture making timbers and investigate the qualities that make them suitable for different applications.

1. Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood  means that the furniture is crafted from pieces of wood which have been milled or cut from a large log to sizes needed to build furniture  and then carefully dried and made smooth .

There are many different woods available and each has its own special qualities.

They may be soft and light in weight like pine or hard and solid like oak .

Every timber has its own distinctive colour, grain pattern and even smell.

Well made Solid wood furniture is the most durable of all Wood Furniture.

With proper care, it can last for 100′s of years and become a family heirloom..

2. Wood veneer plywood  

Wood veneer plywood  is made up of thin sheets or plies of wood from a good quality log which are glued together with the grain running in a criss-cross pattern. This produces a strong, flat and stable board.

The finished board can be made quite thin but it will still be strong and stable. Also if the outside layers are made from a timber with a beautiful grain or colour or pattern then it becomes possible to incorporate it in a piece of furniture which will enhance the beauty of the wood



3. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

This kind of board is composed of fine woodchips or sawdust which is mixed with a glue then formed into large flat and stable boards.

The surfaces of the boards can be given many different types of finish including paint , laminates and timber veneers.

By using a thin veneer of high quality timber large boards of great beauty can be made available.

For some applications this is a better method than using solid timber.

4. Timber flooring.

Wood flooring is a very popular floor finish .

Originally wood planks would have been used to form the floors of rooms so the wood flooring was part of the structure.

In modern houses the structural floor may be made od many different materials and many people turn to a wood look for their floors.

Flooring can be solid wood with a sanded and polished finish or there are many types of veneer and laminate finishes on plywood or MDF board.

The choice is up to the homeowner as everyone has different criteria when choosing the flooring for their home.

5. Upholstered Furniture.

Upholstered furniture often has a strong timber frame over which soft materials are fixed to make them comfortable.

Because you cannot see the workmanship under the upholstery it is important to find out  about the methods used to make the furniture.A reputable retailer will be ready to provide you with any information you ask for regarding the manufacture of the piece you are interested in.

In this chapter I have introduced you to some of the knowledge about the  different ways woods are used to formulate beautiful and functional furniture. in future articles I will explore further how natural timber is used to produce beautiful Wood Furniture  .


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