Wooden Furniture in our Lives

Growing tree

trees provide all our timber

Wooden furniture plays an essential role

in enhancing the comfort and enjoyment of our lives.
Wood has always been a readily available and easily worked material and people have always used it to make furniture to make  their lives more comfortable.
The products of trees and shrubs has always been a material which people could source in their environment and was able to be worked into useful structures to provide shelter and to make their dwellings more usable.
Styles of furniture developed according to what types of timbers were available .Bamboo is fast growing and easily worked so gave rise to styles of furniture which suit the material and climate.

Different climates result in different types of trees growing so the designs of furniture are influenced by the differing needs of people living in different climates.
in cold climates coniferous trees are predominant. They are quick growing and produce light , easily worked timbers. the attributes of this timber influence the design of furniture made from it and it tends to be plain simple and functional.

The coniferous or pine trees are evergreen and known as softwoods whereas the deciduous treers, those that lose their leaves in winter are generally known as hardwoods. hardwoods such as oak have long been in buildings and ships where strength and durability is needed.the durability of oak is the reason that much of the historic furniture still in existance has survived through thre ages.

Warmer and wetter climates enable different timbers to grow.Explorers from Europe discovered many beautiful and durable timbers as they moved through Africa and Asia.theas timber became very sought after , not only for making beautiful furniture but, because of their strength and durability ar materials for building ocean going ships.

Explorers from northern countries which were largely denuded of the large old , slow growing trees by hundreds of years of logging for building and shipbuilding were amazed when they discovered the huge trees growing in the parts of the world covered by rainforest. Timbers such as Mahogany fromAfrica and Teak from asia were used to make all sorts of beautiful wooden builbings, ships and furniture.

Many beautiful , sought after trees take many generations to regenerate so it is vital that we take steps to conserve the remaining stands of old original forests and also allow for the regrowth of supplies for the future.

Wooden Furniture in our future Lives

Wood is such a beautiful , natural material that , in spite of all the synthetic alternatives made available by advances in  technology , will always be desired for its natural look and feel.

It is important for us all to realise that much of the timber sourced from around the world may come from areas where it is vital to protect the environment and trees must be taken sustainably so that  in order that taking the trees does not damage the ecosystems in which they are found.





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